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Bobby Jones Gateway

Bobby Jones is one of the most famous residents of Oakland Cemetery. While only two acres, The Bobby Jones Neighborhood receives some of the highest foot traffic in the entire 48 acres of Oakland due to his enduring legend and his gravesite location near a busy pedestrian gate and pivotal entrance to the cemetery. Restoring this section involves repairing and resetting a significant number monuments, walls, and historic brick pathways as well as updating the irrigation system, enhancing landscaping, and developing new experiences for visitors who want to learn more about Bobby Jones.

The result will better welcome all Oakland guests, contribute to the greater community revitalization of Grant Park and adjacent neighborhoods, and enhance the experience of visitors who want to see the gravesite of the man whose enduring legend continues to inspire people from all over the world.

Project In Progress

Total Cost: $760K

Northeast Phase
Northwest Phase – 100% Complete
Southeast Phase
Southwest Phase – 100% Complete

The Legend, His Neighbors, and the Gravesite Area

Golf legend Bobby Jones is the only amateur golfer to have won the Grand Slam and is credited with the creation of the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament. Many of the 55,000 visitors Oakland welcomes each year pay tribute and leave golf balls as a token of respect. His is one of the most visited gravesites in the cemetery. In addition, it is located adjacent to one of the most traveled areas of the cemetery and a busy pedestrian entrance.

The land in this section of the cemetery was acquired in 1857 as the cemetery’s first expansion beyond the Original Six Acres acquired in 1850. While Bobby Jones is the most famous person laid to rest in this area of Oakland Cemetery, the area includes other significant markers and monuments in memorium of many of the over 900 people who also rest there.

Restoration Plan in Progress

The main objectives for the Bobby Jones Neighborhood project are to repair and reset a significant number monuments, walls, and historic brick pathways – 684 headstones, 1 mausoleum, 700 square feet of brick walkways and 1,000 square feet of pea gravel concrete walkways, 66 walls, and metalwork – to be exact.

In addition we also plan to upgrade the irrigation system, including the installation of four Murdock hydrants that replicate the original hydrants installed in the 19th century.

After hardscape work is complete, we will enhance landscaping, with consideration given to cultural, historical, and stylistic traditions. This will include restoration of a collection of trees, shrubs, and other plantings that correspond to plantings found at each of the 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club.

Finally, we will develop new experiences for visitors who want to learn more about Bobby Jones. These may include interpretive signage within this section of the cemetery, a cell phone tour, and a guided tour led by Oakland volunteers.

After we restore this important area, visitors coming from the main gate or the Visitor’s Center will be welcomed to the Bobby Jones area with restored walls, walkways and monuments as well as beautiful period landscaping and plantings that reflect the history of Fruitland Nurseries and the Augusta National Golf Club. With the plantings and signage, visitors will learn about Bobby’s life as they make their pilgrimage to pay respect at his resting place.

The area is broken into four equally-sized phases and restoration began in 2015. The northwest and southwest portions of the Bobby Jones Neighborhood are fully restored, and the northeast and southeast areas are in progress.

Two Phases Down, Two To Go

Help us make a good first impression on our global guests and neighbors. Your donation will help us repair this well-trod area of Oakland and steward the legend and gravestite of Bobby Jones.

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