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Holiday Plant Symbolism

Discover the origins and stories of holiday plants with Richard Waterhouse, executive director of Buckhead Heritage and Victorian Symbolism tour guide. Holly and Greenery One of the rites of passage that takes place in Christian churches during the Christmas season…

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Losing Old Trees at Oakland

Oakland’s mature trees are an integral part of Oakland’s character. They are the only living link that remains of what Oakland was. They've seen many funerals and family picnics and you can’t help but wonder what stories they could tell.…

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Cold Weather brings Preservation Challenges

As the weather begins to cool off this Fall, the Preservation, Restoration, and Operations (PRO) team is transitioning to a different season of preservation work. During extreme weather, either very hot or very cold, we abstain from using mortars. That…

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“Lost at Sea”: August Denk

When I’m working with the preservation team at Oakland Cemetery, it feels like I’m working in a library of souls. I see the titles, but can’t read their stories. This marker caught my eye. “Lost at Sea” in Atlanta? Curious…

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Body Snatching at Oakland Cemetery

This is the second part of Andrew Bramlett's article on grave robbing in Georgia. See part 1. The first major attempted grave robbery at Oakland Cemetery took place after hours on December 22, 1880. Oakland guards Belcher and Hunt approached…

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“Stiff” Stealers: Grave Robbing in Atlanta

The only creatures in the cemetery at midnight were the occasional bird and two mysterious men. Determined to do their job without interruption, these men carried a large bag and shovel. The purpose of their visit was obvious: they were…

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