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The Artists

Winnie Duong

Four/Death, 2021

Winnie Duong is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland City, Atlanta. Winnie explores death, existence, and the unknown through symbolism of memorialistic rituals & traditions, classical style elements from her own culture, and Oakland Cemetery’s collection of mausolea. Her installation uses found materials to recreate the unrealistic forms of monumental mausolea as surreal structures that are viewable from multiple perspectives.

Tori Tinsley

Love Lost, Love Found, 2021

Love Lost, Love Found is the second outdoor sculpture created as part of the Hug series, which began in 2015 as the expression of the artist’s desire to hold onto her mother as she slipped away into dementia. With exaggerated facial features and dark humor, these figures expose the intimacy and vulnerability of all-consuming love.

Dorothy O’Connor & Zipporah Thompson

The Invisible Flock, 2021

A collaborative project between Atlanta visual artists Zipporah Camille Thompson (@zipporahcamille | zipporahcamille.com) and Dorothy O’Connor (@dorothy.oconnor.9 | dorothyoconnor.com).

The artists were immediately drawn to the African American burial ground restoration and to all the seemingly lost identities, histories, stories, and voices that have gone without documentation and proper resting sites. With this project, they hope to honor each individual and to recognize the importance of historical African American burial traditions.

Pulling from previous materials and themes they have each used in their own bodies of work, they created a flock of birds. Their flock incorporates contrasting types of wood veneers and color stain to create symbolic patterns and designs used in African American freedom quilting. Each bird carries a vessel made from various traditional African American burial materials and includes names of recovered and recorded African  American identities. Items have also been included for those who remain unnamed. In their beaks, the birds carry a symbolic flower or leaf (handmade from flagging tape) in recognition of the technologically advanced survey recovery process of 872 unmarked burials. By creating with some of the same makeshift materials often used in traditional African American burial markers and by incorporating the method used to discover and restore some of the original graves and identities, they bring the story up to the present day. The birds act as messengers, carrying names and stories between earth and the spiritual realm, bringing those once forgotten and invisible from below the surface to above ground and into the air.

Bianca Walker

The Block, 2021

Bianca Walker explores the history of colonization and the dichotomy between whiteness and “other” through embracing simple methods of crafting the environment in a way that emphasizes the primitive qualities of the materials, such as the fluidity of house paint by dripping the work or the absorbency and malleability of drop cloth by leaving it bare and wrinkled. Using materials such as these to abstract images of the African Diaspora allows Walker to present blackness in a vulnerable and primitive state; a state in which it often isn’t allowed to exist.

Jeffrey Loy

Oasis, 2019

This sculptural installation of whimsical botanical forms creates a fanciful “oasis” within the contemporary urban environment. The premise is to bring a naturalistic and fanciful atmosphere to the site and its surroundings by creating an inviting and calming environment where the public can interact.


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