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Arts At Oakland 2021: An Interview With Artist Bianca Walker

Arts at Oakland 2021: An Interview with Artist Bianca Walker

Post Series: Arts at Oakland

Arts at Oakland 2021, happening May 21 through 31, showcases the work of six regional artists across Oakland Cemetery via a self-guided map. The artistic installations will highlight the hidden stories that can be found within the gardens and architecture of Oakland Cemetery. Purchase tour tickets.

Here, Arts at Oakland artist Bianca Walker tells us more about themselves and their work.

God Before I Go, by Bianca Walker

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background as an artist.

I was born in Berkley, California my first exposure to art being paintings on fences and trains. After enrolling in a Digital Art program at Baton Rouge Community College for a year I transferred to Grambling State University where I received a BA and participated in exhibitions and academic conferences across Louisiana. After graduating in Fall 2020 I entered the MFA program at the University of New Orleans where I am expanding on my practice and developing research on the African Diaspora and lost archival histories.

Do you have a preferred medium? If so, why?

I love house paint. It’s fluid and I like to move around when I work; I prefer a medium that’ll move with me.

What influences your artwork?

Blackness influences my work more than anything. Black history and community. I want to be representative of us in my work in every way possible from materials to subject matter.

How was your piece for Arts at Oakland 2021 inspired by Oakland Cemetery?

My piece for Arts at Oakland was inspired by the African American Grounds of Oakland Cemetery. I wanted to activate a history of people forgotten and reflect their beauty and ingenuity through these portraits.

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