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An Update on the Remediation of Recent Vandalism

On the nights of May 28, May 31, June 5, and June 6 unknown individuals vandalized the Lion of Atlanta statue, the Confederate Obelisk, and several headstones at historic Oakland Cemetery.

The City of Atlanta owns and is responsible for the Obelisk and the Lion and is currently working to remediate vandalism to the obelisk and headstones. The Lion of Atlanta is under the care of the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs which is in the process of developing a sustainable approach to the preservation of this city asset.

Removing paint from granite, marble, and brick surfaces requires an experienced conservation professional along with tools and equipment that will remove various types of paint on the surface while preserving the underlying historic materials. For this reason, it is important that unauthorized visitors do not try to assist in removing the paint or otherwise attempt to remediate the damage.

For further inquiries about remediation of the Confederate Obelisk and the Lion of Atlanta, please contact Sexton Sam Reed at

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