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A 'Hex' on Oakland

By Neale Nickels, Director of Preservation
PaversDon’t be alarmed, I don’t mean that kind of hex! I mean “hex” as in hexagonal pavers, which is precisely the reason for the big mess near the pedestrian gate on Memorial Drive. Oakland’s hexagonal pavers, which could date to the early 20th century (though we don’t know for sure) have suffered greatly through the years.
Sadly, ours were about 90% destroyed from settling and years of cars parking on them, creating an unsightly and unsafe walkway.
Our solution is to remove the damaged materials and salvage what we can for reinstallation, and install new pavers of exact size and similar color and composition everywhere else.
We’re in the early stages of the process now, and crews from Unique Paver Installations are working to prepare the site, hence the mess. That involves first removing the old materials, then excavating down about seven inches.
Next, crusher run gravel is brought in and compacted to make a firm base. The pavers will be set with polymeric sand, which hardens but remains somewhat flexible. The end result will be a new – and much safer – pathway in keeping with historic precedent. It will make a great improvement for public access to the Bobby Jones, Confederate, Jewish, and Rogers Hill areas in the cemetery. We hope you’ll come take a stroll soon!

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